Current consultations

From 24 Nov 2021 to 14 Jan 2022

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has received an application from a community group in the Charlton area to designate a ‘Neighbourhood Area’ and a ‘Neighbourhood Forum’.  

We would like to know whether you agree with the proposed Neighbourhood Area boundary and the purpose and objectives of the proposed Neighbourhood Forum as set out in the Forum’s constitution

From 15 Nov 2021 to 13 Dec 2021

Have your say on the Charlton Controlled Parking Zone review.

From 12 Nov 2021 to 24 Dec 2021

We are seeking your views on the Updated Local Validation Requirements List, which sets out the information which must be submitted as part of planning applications. 

From 08 Nov 2021 to 20 Dec 2021

We are looking for feedback on the content of the individual site allocations. You can select an area of the borough to see indivudal sites and comment on them. There is also a section at the end for any additional comments.

From 18 Aug 2021 to 18 Feb 2022

Our objective is to understand the operation and impact of the scheme so we will be collecting evidence in the form of data monitoring, for example traffic counts, queue lengths etc, along with considering all representations and objections received. Therefore, we want to hear how the changes have affected you and how you think we can make the scheme more equitable for everyone.