Current consultations

From 20 Oct 2020 to 30 Oct 2020

Have your say on Council Tax service improvements.

From 19 Oct 2020 to 02 Nov 2020

Share your views and experience to help shape Adult Social Care in Greenwich for the future

From 21 Sep 2020 to 02 Nov 2020

Have your say on the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s latest appraisals of two areas of important industrial riverside heritage. We would like to hear your views on the draft character appraisals and management guidelines that we are publishing for the Charlton Riverside and Thames Barrier & Bowater Road Conservation Areas. What do you value about these places?

You can download the draft documents in the link below. Comments must be submitted by 11.59pm on 02 November 2020 to 

The draft documents will also be considered at a meeting of both the Greenwich and Woolwich & Thamesmead Area Planning Committees. Views on the documents may also be expressed by persons attending this public meeting.

All relevant comments will be considered. The consultation responses, with any resulting changes to the draft documents, will be reported back to the Royal Borough’s Cabinet for approval. The Cabinet report and resulting decision will be available on the Royal Borough’s webpages. Once adopted, the Conservation Area Appraisals will be available on the Royal Borough’s website. If you wish to be notified of the Cabinet decision, please request this in your comments.