Completed consultations

From 31 Jul 2023 to 25 Sep 2023

We’re asking local residents and interested stakeholders for feedback on proposed changes to the borough’s Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charges.

CIL is a charge collected from developers and landlords who create housing and commercial space in the borough, to make sure the local community benefits from new development. It’s used to pay for important infrastructure and community facilities across Royal Greenwich from roads and transport to schools and doctors’ surgeries.

The Council is proposing to increase CIL charges to reflect changes to land values in Royal Greenwich and take into account the need for additional infrastructure and community facilities to support our growing population.

From 14 Aug 2023 to 23 Sep 2023

We are consulting on how the Royal Borough of Greenwich delivers Public Health services. We want to work with you to shape our services to align with what matters the most to you.

We want to ensure that in Royal Greenwich people live their best lives. To do this we need to understand the experience of residents and what services they would like to see to enable them to live the happiest, healthiest life they can. 

Our consultation runs from 14 August to 22 September 2023. Make a difference and have your say. 

From 18 Aug 2023 to 15 Sep 2023

We want to hear from residents, businesses, traders and visitors about how we can help make Woolwich town centre an even better place to live, work, visit and shop after 6pm.  

Having successfully secured Mayor of London’s Night Time Enterprise Zone status for Woolwich in 2023, we are working with our partners to test new projects aimed at bringing Woolwich’s high streets to life after 6pm. 

Your input will help shape the events and projects we deliver in the town centre in future.

Survey open until 15 September. 

Have your say

From 21 Aug 2023 to 10 Sep 2023

We want young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) to have a place to develop their skills and live their best lives. 

Building a new educational hub will ensure everyone can reach their full potential and empower young people.  

We would love to hear from you to understand what is most important when developing Royal Greenwich's first adult SEND Transitional Learning Centre. Your input will directly influence the facility's design and services. 

Our consultation runs from 21 August to 10 September 2023.  

From 11 Jul 2023 to 05 Sep 2023

We’re asking residents, businesses and community groups to help shape the future of development in Royal Greenwich.

The Local Plan is the Council’s main planning document, which is used to manage development such as new homes and business space for people to work and shop. It includes policies to ensure that any development in the borough is supported by essential infrastructure such as schools and doctors surgeries, and helps the Council to tackle climate change and improve air quality.

In the first phase of consultation, the Council is asking people about what’s important to them in a number of key areas, such as housing, transport, the local economy and climate change. The feedback will be used to help produce a first draft of the new plan for further consultation next summer.