Completed consultations

From 23 Jan 2009 to 13 May 2009

Pre-statutory consultation on the proposal to close Charlotte Turner School.

The results will be reported back to Cabinet before any decision is made on publishing Public Notices about Charlotte Turner School.

Summary of results

A total of 156 proforma responses were returned to the questionnaire along with 15 individual written responses.

119 reponses were sent in by Charlotte Turner pupils.

Views were also collected from meetings with pupils, parents, staff and governors.


All the responses were reported to the a Cabinet Meeting, along with a commentary of all the issues raised from the Director of Children's Services.

It was confirmed that if the decision to close the school was made definite, support would be provided to pupils transferring to other schools.

Financial support would also be available to parents to help with uniform and extra travel costs.

Arrangements will be made to retain the use of the school premises for community and other service use.

A majority of responses were opposed to the school closure. However, members concluded that keeping the school open would not secure the necessary improvement to the standard of education being provided, so decided to go ahead with the statuatory process of closing the school. 

From 22 Feb 2009 to 31 Mar 2009

To tackle problem drinking in Arnott Close in response to complaints from residents, businesses and visitors.

Summary of results

6344 surveys delivered. Surveys stated that a non response would count as no objection. 118 responses returned, including 2 objections.


Results included in a Committe report to go to councillors for a decision on creating an Alcohol Free Zone.

From 18 Nov 2008 to 13 Feb 2009

Consultation on Greenwich's proposed Biodiversity Action Plan.

Summary of results

The agreed version of the Biodiversity Action Plan is now available for viewing.  Please click on link below

From 15 Mar 2008 to 15 Mar 2008

To consult local residents on plans for a new playground.

Summary of results

Twenty people attended the drop in session. 


A new playground was installed.