Completed consultations

From 18 Dec 2009 to 01 Mar 2010

Consultation on the proposed admission arrangements for community and voluntary schools in advance of determing future arrangements. In addition we assist our Academy, Foundation and Voluntary aided schools by circulating their proposed admission arrangements at the same time.

From 12 Jan 2010 to 09 Feb 2010

This consultation aims to inform the public of the council's intentions to introduce a Designated Public Place Order, covering the whole of the London Borough of Greenwich, and determine if there are any objections to this proposal.

DPPO powers enable local authorities to designate places where restrictions on public drinking apply. However, they can only be used in areas that have experienced alcohol-related disorder or nuisance. This Borough wide order is designed to prevent the displacement of alcohol related disorder to surrounding areas that can occur when they are applied to more restricted areas.

These powers are not intended to disrupt peaceful activities, for example families having a picnic in a park or on the beach with a glass of wine.


It was agreed that a borough wide Designated Public Place Order will be introduced

From 15 Dec 2009 to 15 Jan 2010

The pedestrianisation scheme would entail closing College Approach and King William Walk (northern section) to all traffic except for access. Greenwich Church Street north of Creek Road would allow some traffic access. 

It allows for the widening of pavements and general environmental improvements.

These proposals would require significant changes to the traffic management arrangements for Nelson Road, Greenwich Church Street, Greenwich High Road, Norman Road and Creek Road.

Traffic would be accommodated either by making Nelson Road two-way with a T-junction at Greenwich Church Street, or by routing traffic clockwise via Norman Road, Creek Road, Greenwich Church Street and Greenwich High Road.

You are invited to give your views on:

  • the pedestrianisation scheme in principle
  • which (if any) of the traffic management options you prefer.

From 27 Nov 2009 to 27 Nov 2009

To provide input on a wide range of proposed policy changes and programmes affecting young people in Greenwich

From 24 Sep 2009 to 27 Oct 2009

To consult with residents on what model of governance they would prefer the Council to adopt.