Completed consultations

From 11 Mar 2022 to 06 May 2022

We are seeking your views and comments on the proposed Lee Neighbourhood Plan and accompanying documents which can be downloaded below

From 15 Feb 2022 to 28 Mar 2022

Please tell us your views on the draft version of our Intermediate Housing Policy.

From 03 Mar 2022 to 27 Mar 2022

The Royal Borough of Greenwich wants to know your views on our local parks and open spaces. This will help the Council know how satisfied you are with the current service and what your priorities are for the future.  

Feedback from this survey will help the Council plan priorities going forward. 

A list of The Royal Borough of Greenwich parks and open spaces can be found on our website. Please note that as a Royal Park, Greenwich park is not council run and therefore should not be included within your responses. 

Please complete the following questionnaire to have your say. 


From 09 Mar 2022 to 27 Mar 2022

The Council is asking local people to share their ideas and feedback for what improvements they would like to see in Woolwich town centre.

From 05 Jan 2022 to 24 Mar 2022

This model arose as a recommendation from our 9-month engagement work in 2020/21 during which we talked to people with learning disabilities, their family carers and professionals who work with them. We are now asking for your ideas about the best way to implement this proposed model of day opportunities.

In this model, there will be a day centre managed by Day Opportunities (The Multi-Use Hub) for people who find it very difficult to access other services in the community but, for others, there will be   the opportunities to get involved in activities out in the community (The Spokes).