How is the rising cost of living affecting you?

What do we want to know:


We have launched a survey to better understand how we can support residents in Royal Greenwich with the rising cost of living. This will be part of a wider plans to reach residents across the borough with chances to meet Councillors face to face and help close any gaps in support.

We want you to share how the cost of living is affecting you and your communities, so that our diverse borough can shape how the Council responds to issues such as food poverty and hardship.  

Due to the personal nature of questions, we want you to know any information gathered will remain anonymous and not be shared.  

We appreciate you taking the time to fill in this survey and look forward to working with you to build a better and brighter future for all Royal Greenwich residents. At the end of the survey, you will find links on where you can get support, and who to contact.



Damon Cook


Revenues and Benefits Service
The Woolwich Centre
SE18 6HQ