Current consultations

From 22 Nov 2019 to 20 Dec 2019

The government abolished council tax benefit in 2013 and every council had to design its own scheme to provide local support to working-age residents on low incomes. The scheme is called local council tax support (LCTS). In Royal Greenwich the scheme has not changed since it was introduced in 2013.

The Council is now proposing to change the scheme as it applies to working-age residents in the borough. 

From 20 Nov 2019 to 20 Dec 2019

The Council is installing a second phase of lamppost charging points for electric vehicles - tell us where lamppost charging would be most useful for you.

From 05 Nov 2019 to 31 Dec 2019

This survey offers you the opportunity to comment on the recommendations that have come out of the carers review.

From 01 Jan 2009 to 01 Jan 2020

To provide the public an opportunity to comment on current planning applications and view past planning decisions/applications.