Current consultations

From 25 Mar 2024 to 21 Apr 2024

We’re consulting on two key documents which outline how the council and developers will include community voices throughout the planning and development process. 

Planning has a huge impact on our communities; from policies that determine the number of new homes and jobs we need to drive the successful regeneration of Royal Greenwich, to individual planning decisions in our local neighbourhoods which affect the daily lives of residents and businesses.   

We know decisions made with our local communities result in better outcomes for our residents and neighbourhoods, however the planning system can seem complex and difficult to engage with, and people often do not feel they have enough of a say in the way decisions are made. 

Need help completing the survey?  

We know we can do better at making consultations more accessible and see this as an opportunity to learn from you how we can develop more inclusive consultations.  

If this approach does not suit your needs or you have ideas on how we can be more inclusive, please email us at or call 020 8921 6235.