Current consultations

From 06 Feb 2019 to 25 Feb 2019

We want to know what you think of the emerging strategy for Woolwich. Have we got it right? Please take time to review the boards (available for download on this page) and fill in the attached survey. We will need to recieve your feedback by 25th Febraury 2019 in order for it to be considered.

From 18 Jan 2019 to 01 Mar 2019

Have your say on a new conservation area and local heritage listings in Woolwich town centre

We would like to hear your views on these proposals. Have your say on the:

  • Proposed conservation area boundary
  • Architectural and historic interest of the proposed conservation area
  • Architectural, historic or environmental merits of the buildings proposed for local heritage listing

Comments will only be considered where they relate to these issues.

Please send any comments to


From 01 Jan 2009 to 01 Jan 2020

To provide the public an opportunity to comment on current planning applications and view past planning decisions/applications.