Greenwich Council


Proposal to Introduce Licensing for all Houses in Multiple Occupation

What do we want to know?: 

This is a consultation on the proposal to require anyone running a House of Multiple Occupation in the Royal Borough of Greenwich to have to license this use with the Council, The granting of this license will carry conditions on use.


Via an online survey and consultation meeting the Royal Borough aims to consult all those that may be affected by the scheme in order to gather opinion on its nature, conditions and costs.

Area:  The Royal Borough of Greenwich
Project start date15 October 2016
Consultation start date29 November 2016
Consultation end date24 February 2017
Results dueDue 31 March 2017
Methodology Stakeholder event, Public meeting, Online survey, Statutory notice
Target audience Businesses, All residents, Tenants, Voluntary agencies, Stakeholders, All interested parties
Topic of consultation Housing, Licensing
Survey approvalYes
DepartmentFull addressContactNumber(s)
Housing ServicesWoolwich Centre
Wellington Street
SE18 6HQ
Mark Preston 
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