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What do we want to know:

We are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of people living in HMOs (house in multiple occupation) across the borough and making greater improvements in our local environment. Before making our decision, we want to hear your views on our proposals, and any alternatives we could consider. 

We would especially like to hear from private tenants, landlords, letting and managing agents, residents, businesses and organisations operating in Royal Greenwich.

This consultation will only be used for research purposes and any information you provide will not be personally identifiable in any reports, however, organisations may be identifiable. Information is held securely and strictly in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).  With your permission, if granted, we will provide the results of the consultation which will also be available online.

Please make sure you read the documents below prior to completing the survey.

Read our Privacy Notice.

Review of the former scheme.

Read the proposal for the new scheme.

Read key data from the former scheme


The Royal Borough of Greenwich ran an Additional HMO (house in multiple occupation) Licensing scheme across the borough from 1 October 2017 to 30 September 2022. We are now considering the option of a further scheme for the next five years, starting from summer 2023. 

What is Additional HMO Licensing?

A house in multiple occupation (known as an HMO) is a property occupied by multiple households or more than two unrelated people.  There is a national requirement under the Housing Act 2004, Mandatory HMO Licensing, which requires all owners and landlords to licence HMOs occupied by multiple households or five or more unrelated people, and section 257 HMOs which include blocks of flats that do not meet building regulations.

Additional HMO Licensing is a discretionary option under the Housing Act 2004 where local authorities require owners/landlords and managing agents to licence smaller HMOs occupied by three or four unrelated people or households.

An independent review of the previous Additional HMO Licensing scheme ran by Council was carried out in 2021. It was found to have been successful in improving conditions within HMOs and the general environment, with a reduction in anti-social behaviour and fly tipping. However, not all landlords licensed their properties and there remains a need to continue the scheme to secure wider compliance for residents across the borough. Read the full review.

Paper copies of this survey can be obtained by emailing private-rented-property-licensing@royalgreenwich.gov.uk  



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